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We proudly present our eSportClubDE „Your Tournament“ Program!

We are aware that a lot of organisations and companies would like to organise their own tournaments for many reasons. An own tournament increases the knowledge about the name of the organisation, puts the name in touch with professional organisations, creates a charitable image for the company and creates positive references to the products and services offered.

Unfortunately most companies do not have a sufficient organisation structure to ensure a smooth course for bigger tournaments. That’s when we come into play!

The eSportClubDE offers an experienced team consisting of tournament managers and administrators. Most of them have already worked for organisations like ESL, DESBL and gamebattles. Our manager team ensures a high level of professionality for all our tournaments.

Your company benefits from our built up organisation structure.

From now on we are offering every interested company to organise their tournaments. We take care of the full organisation, including promotion, contacting the teams, team registration, support for the teams etc.

You can decide how many teams should be competing, the type and amount of a potencial price , how your company is in focus etc.

All you have to do is to provide a price for the winning team(s). It doesn’t matter what kind of price your company is providing. We are taking care of everything else.

Tournaments that are organised within our „Your Tournament“-Program have to meet the following certain conditions:

  • The tourney has to be free to enter, which means that all prices have to be provided by the company. The entrance fee for the tourney has to be free.
  • The whole tournament should not last longer than 3 days, taking place only at one weekend. Most of our tourneys are taking place on saturdays and do not last longer than 6 hours, which is the preferred structure for us and for most of the teams competing.
  • At this point of time we are only organising Call of Duty tournaments.
  • In any public presentations before and while the tournament takes place it should be clear that the eSportClubDE is primarily involved in the organisation.

Even though our team is working voluntarily for our project we have to pay additional costs that are occuring. For example the charges for the website server, licenses for plug-ins that are necessary to ensure a smooth running of the tournament, etc.

We decided that a small amount of 15€ per tourney* is required for every tourney in the program „Your Tournament“. We ask for your understanding.

If you are interested in our „Your Tournament“ program or have any questions please contact [email protected] and explain your wishes and expectations.

*The exact amount can change and depends on the specific length and structure of the tournament (e.g. in case of a conclusion of a contract for more than one tournament). There is also the possibility that, under certain circumstances, additional fees are not necessary.

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